Terms and Conditions

Delivery Policy

Depending on your destination city there is generally a 2-4 hour time window needed for all deliveries and pickups of baby equipment. Once a selected time window is confirmed for delivery and pick up, it is the client’s responsibility to make sure someone is either at the location during that time window or that we have access. If no one is available at the location during your designated delivery or pick up time windows or we cannot gain access to the equipment there will be an attempt to reschedule with an additional delivery fee. If the destination is a rental property it is the client’s responsibility to inform the property management that they have hired a baby equipment rental company to deliver and pick up the equipment from the property. If property management is unaware of the rental causing delay of pick up, delivery or loss of product additional fees may apply. If your property is in a gated community and we cannot gain access due to not notifying the guard gate or neglecting to provide a gate code causing delay additional charges may apply.

If you are selecting a porch pick up and delivery on your reservation form the above information is especially important to remember. The renter is responsible for lost or stolen items from a porch even after check out is complete so please make sure all equipment is in a hidden area, side gate or back yard.

If you are staying in a hotel delivery and pick up are usually made from the hotel bell closet. It is the renter’s responsibility to make sure the equipment is tagged and placed back into the bell closet at the starting hour of the pickup time slot selected. DO NOT check out and leave the equipment in your room. If the equipment is not placed at the bell closet for return and our staff spends an excessive amount of time looking for it an extra charge will apply. The renter is responsible for lost items in a hotel even after check out is complete so please make sure all equipment is tagged with your name upon check out. We also recommend getting the name of the bellman or hotel staff member you give the equipment back to.

Schedule Changes

Any requests to change the delivery or pick up times within a 24 hour period are subject to scheduling availability and may result in a schedule change fee.

Sunshine Baby Cribs requires a 3-day rental on items. You may book items for only 1 or 2 days but a 3 day charge will apply.

Damages/ Lost or Stolen Products

With the exception of high chairs Sunshine Baby Cribs holds no food or drink policy in all rental equipment (water is OK).  The renter agrees that the products must be returned in the condition received or a $30 per item cleaning fee will be assessed by Sunshine Baby Cribs and applied to the credit card on file. Please help us keep the equipment clean and safe for our next little guest. It is your responsibility to make sure equipment is used in the intended manner that it is designed for. It is also your responsibility to make sure equipment is in working order during your rental time and if not please contact Sunshine Baby Cribs.

The renter is responsible for loss or theft of rental equipment and agrees to pay for any replacements needed. Products must be returned with all accessories and parts intact and in proper working order. Any excess damage to rental equipment aside from normal wear will be repaired or replaced (depending on the condition) at the expense of the renter. Any additional fees resulting from loss, theft, repair or replacement will apply to the credit card on file. Note that in the event of a lost item at a hotel, car rental agency, rental property or any other type of delivery and pick up destination Sunshine Baby Cribs will give the renter 72 hours to work with their visited location in order to try and retrieve the lost product. It is not the responsibility of Sunshine Baby Cribs to try and retrieve lost equipment from the renter’s destination. After the 72 hour time period if the product is not retrieved the card on file will be charged for the cost of the item. Any extra trips to retrieve equipment again may result in an additional delivery fee.

Cancellations & Early Termination

It is understood that travel plans can change. Orders that are cancelled outside of 14 calendar days will be fully refunded.  There is a $25 processing charge on all orders canceled between 4-13 calendar days of the delivery date. Orders canceled within 3 calendar days of the delivery date will be charged 50% of the original order amount. There will be no cost reduction/refund for early returns or unused equipment. Please call us at (850-480-9285) if you need additional assistance or have further questions.

Safety/ Sanitation

Safety is a primary concern when renting baby equipment. All Products are up-to-date and meet current federal safety standards. Products are checked and replaced as needed with a focus on the changing baby industry. For more information on product safety please see the Consumer Products Safety Commission at www.cpsc.gov All equipment is properly cleaned and sanitized before delivery.  For specific cleaning procedures please send us an email at sunshinebabycribs@gmail.com